Opening a company

We offer ideal solutions for the creation, development or expansion of your business In the U.S. and assist in applying for and obtaining all required documentation for your company from any state within the U.S. Obtaining and registration of Employer Identification Numbers and acting as the registered agent.

It is important for investors or entrepreneurs that will have an operation in the USA to open a company.

Some of the key advantages are:

Protection of your personal assets against liabilities and claims
Deduction of expenses
Tax savings
Asset transfer facility
For foreigners, the advantages of operating as a US registered company are significant – Non-US registered companies and individuals have 30% of their revenues withheld in taxes.

Below are the main types of companies and their characteristics:


• Limited Liability Company;
• Simple Structure;
• Pass through entity;
• Taxes paid by the individual;
• No State Taxes in Florida;


• C-corporation;
• Complex structure;
• Taxes paid by the company;
• Dual Taxation;
• No State Taxes in Florida;


• S-corporation;
• Only for US citizens or permanent residents;
• Pass through entity;
• Personal Taxes to be paid in Florida;
• No State Taxes in Florida;

Tax Returns

We prepare your tax return in either the Individual or Corporate, with accuracy and punctuality!

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